Culture of ilulissat of Greenland


The harbour Spend a little time at the harbour. Sit down and relax and get the feel of the active life of the fishermen coming in with fresh fish. Sitting down is mostly recommended in the summer time where the temperature invites you to do such activities. 

Very close to the harbour, actually on the way down, there is a little convenience store “Brugseneraq” – on the right hand you can buy food and freshly baked bread and coffee – on the lef you can buy all kinds of equipment for hunting and fishing, including rifles. The local fish and meat market This is the place to go if you want real fresh meat or fish. The local hunters and fishers bring their catch to this market. 

It is a small place and the meat and fish is sold in large portions and mainly bought by the locals. The market is situated in the centre of Ilulissat. Open weekdays, 9am - 5pm, weekends 9am - 1pm.

Handicraf Workshop Local artists produce beautiful handicraf for sale. You simply drop-in at the workshop and it is open weekdays when the artists are working. The workshop is located in the very centre close to the World of Greenland office. 

Simply go past the bank “Grønlandsbanken” and the workshop is on your lef side on the way to the harbour. Just ask people on your way. There is a sign outside the workshop. Sewing workshop This workshop produces very nice things in sealskin and other local materials. All items can be purchased. The Sewing Workshop is also situated in the centre of town very close to the Handicraf Workshop.

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