Easy Hiking in Greenland over the ices fjords

Easy hiking on your own Hiking in Greenland is mostly done on rugged unmarked tracks however in Ilulissat there are a Few very well marked routes that take you along the Ice Fjord. We recommend two tours, a shorter and a longer one – both can be done as guided tours where you also get insights from the guide. We do recommend these guided tours, especially if your stay in Ilulissat is short. An easy hike to the old settlement at the Ice Fjord This hike is relative easy and takes about 30-45 minutes from the centre of town.

 It takes you to a very nice spot at the edge of the Ice Fjord where a former settlement was situated. You will need a guide to show you exactly where it is, but the place is beautiful. Do the tour as an evening hike or during the day time – bring some lunch, your camera and perhaps a book and enjoy the view over the Ice Fjord.

The route to the edge has a walkway. When you get to the edge of the Ice Fjord you can walk up a little hill and get an even more breath-taking view. However to add this last piece to your tour you need good level of fitness and balance. It is not at all extreme but very rugged. 

The long hike along the Ice Fjord This is a day tour for those who are in normal good physical condition. You walk to the old settlement at the Ice Fjord “Sermermiut” and the tour continues along the marked route. You need to bring food and extra clothing for a day in the “mountains”. The route is relatively easy but the last piece of the tour takes you along a very stony track. We recommend this tour for those of you who are used to rugged terrain and finding your way along marked paths. 

Download hiking map at greenland-travel.com/ ilulissat

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