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Waste management in a city the size of Toronto is a complex task. The municipality manages 80,000 tonnes of waste a year and has limited landfill space. It is developing a longterm strategy with a waste diversion goal of 70% by 2026. 

With a focus on individual behaviour, the Toronto Tool Library support this by encouraging reuse and reduction of throw-away habits and supports the City’s move towards a circular economy and zero waste future. Description The Toronto Tool Library provides access to thousands of tools for home renovations, gardening, lawn maintenance, repairs, do-it-yourself projects and more. It has three locations on 1499 Queen St. West, 830 St. Clair Ave. West, and 192 Spadina Avenue. The makerspace at Spadina has a wood shop, laser cutters, 3d printers, skill training and a market space. What to See and do here Visit one of the three locations to see the collection of tools, games and event supplies. Purchase an annual membership for less than a cup of coffee per week. Borrow what you need. Meet your community. 

Attend a workshop. Create in the makerspace. Volunteer. History/Culture The first Tool Library started in Berkley, California in 1979. A group of friends in Toronto founded the Institute for a Resource Based Economy to launch the Toronto Tool Library in 2012. Tool donations came from everywhere and membership grew quickly, as people discovered the potential of resource sharing. Does everyone need a drill for 13 minutes of use and store it?” Why not share tools as a community instead!

Nearby Community Features Trinity Bellwoods Park, Kensington Market, Old Toronto City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, TD Gallery of Inuit Art Cycling: For map and route, see page 24. Bus: Spadina Avenue at Sullivan St North side. Stop ID: 8131. TTC Streetcar 310, 510 Parking: Street parking. Website: Location: 192 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON. M5T 2C2 Coordinates: 43°39'00.7"N 79°23'51.0"W

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