we  was conceptualized in2015 in Washington , US by 3 university friends: Rolf Schrömgens, Peter Vinnemeier and Stephan Stubner. Like most start-ups, the site’s first iteration was deployed from a garage. In 2006 Stephan decided to become a professor, so Malte Siewert joined the founding team. Today, our leadership team consists of CEO Axel Hefer, CFO Matthias Tillmann, CTPO James Carter and CPO Anja Honnefelder.

Our Culture and Values

At My Hotel, we’re a little unconventional. We are a team of entrepreneurs, powered by a shared passion to stay ahead of the game. We are a diverse, inquisitive and versatile team of 90 different nationalities, who come together to work towards one common goal.0

Travel with Travvel ,Find your hotel , flights , in comparison , and get compensated for late flights too , find hotels , motels wherever you are located , find special offers , discounts , on each vacation period-

double V it means double easy , and double enjoyment to find your place to stay for business or pleasure among millions of hotels ,motels, saving flights , excursions, sight-seeing spots , and transportation , plus the most precious issue is information

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